The Importance of Church

Church is a very important aspect of the Christian faith. Even from the earliest times, people gathered together for meetings, to worship their deity, and to share fellowship. There are several reasons why most Christians see church services as an important part of their faith. Since its development, the worship service has greatly evolved. Almost every church includes meeting on Sunday, prayers, music in the form of unaccompanied or instrumentally accompanied hymns, a collection of tithe, Bible readings, teaching done by a priest or pastor in the form of a homily or sermon given before the congregation, and sometimes, special sacraments, such as communion (Eucharist). Here are some reasons why church is seen so important to their faith:


Observance of the Sabbath is commanded in the Bible

Many see the Sabbath (Sunday) as a holy day during their week when work should be abstained from (if possible), other things in life should be put aside, and God should be worshipped. One of the simplest ways to do this is to join an already established church in your community and attend worship services. Sunday is often set-aside for church services, Christian fellowship, and worship of the Christian God, also known as the Holy Trinity.

Fellowship with Others

Although Christian services are about worshipping the Holy Trinity, especially Jesus, they are also about fellowship with other believers. Early Christians thought this type of fellowship made their faith stronger. Some churches may offer special times of fellowship for church members or the community outside or worship services. Others may host meals or celebrations on important Christian holidays, such as Easter or Christmas. Many people find comfort in being friends with others who also share their outlook on life and religion.

Strengthening of their Faith

Not only can Church strengthen faith through sacraments, worship, and fellowship. Many also see Church as strengthening their faith because it is a holy time set aside to remember their faith and consider it seriously. In the hectic world we currently live in, this pre-scheduled time can be convenient for many. During church services it is also typical for people to share testimony about how their faith has grown, or what God has done for them. By sharing these inspirational stories, others feel their faith is validated in some way, and that they are on the right pathway in their lives.